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If You’re in Bangalore FoodYez is All you Need At The Moment

The app that takes your taste buds home.


This App is exactly what you need if you’re an authentic ethnic Naga food lover. Ordering Naga food has become all the more easier with the onset of Foodyez. Foodyez is an app where you can get all your favourite Naga food home delivered at the click of a button. It is a Bangalore based start-up which was officially launched on 22nd August in Bangalore bringing the taste of ethnic Naga home food.

FoodYez Products

Their products listings include veg and non-veg pickles from their in-house chefs to dried meats and vegetables. Ethnic Naga foods like diced pork pickle, dry carabeef, diced beef pickle, fermented and dried bamboo shoot, dry and fermented soya bean, smoked anishi, dried banana stem, dried yam leave, Naga Onion, Shougri (castor oil plant), split gill mushroom, red and white sticky rice and dried bitter eggplants are available on the app.

Dry Carabeef

FoodYez is co-founded by three enthusiastic Naga Entrepreneurs from Manipur. Reisang Risom (Computer Science Engineer)-the chief technology catalyst, Kazip Lungleng (BBM Graduate)-the chief growth visionary and Yarthing Risom (Computer Science Engineer) -the chief technology ninja.

Co-Founders of FoodYez- Reisang Risom, Kazip Lungleng and Yarthing Risom

“We started with a wish to make our ethnic cuisines more accessible and affordable, all the while maintaining the quality of the products, given the fact that it is an integral part of our lifestyle.”- FoodYez


Keeping in mind the college students and the working professionals, FoodYez plans to introduce ready-to-eat segment shortly. Currently FoodYez is operational only in Bangalore but soon plans to expand it to all metropolitan cities across India. So all you hungry souls in Bangalore what are you waiting for? Go download the app and experience authentic ethnic Naga home food like never before, delivered right at your doorstep.


The app can be downloaded from the google play-store or the apple app store. FoodYez website: http://foodyez.com/. You can also follow FoodYez on facebook for their fresh updates at FoodYez




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