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Have You Heard of Life Café, Churachandpur?- Trending Now.

10917102_352237194964246_6015544421597627578_nWeekdays and weekends have never been this refreshing, jolly and blessed for local youths of Lamka Town, Churachandpur. The arrival of Life Café – International Coffee Shop and Sports Café in town has transformed the young people’s lifestyle effectively. This eight months old café turned the lives of the local youths into a fun and blessed adventure making them feel loved and special. The amount of excitement and happiness one feels inside this café  is beyond description. This café has made all the difference in the life of the local youths.

Life Café.

Life Café is located in Lamka Town, Rengkai Road, Churachandpur District of Manipur State, North East India.  Life Café is not altogether a Café, but it is a place which provides positive hangout spot for the youths of Churachandpur. This café also serves as a place of praise and worship for the local youths administering ministerial duties. Furthermore, Life Café provides source of livelihood and employment opportunity for the locals.

Customers enjoying at Life Café.

Life Café is an initiative of For One Life, an NGO organisation based in Pennsylvania, USA.  The main objective of For One Life is to be the bridge to connect financial support to the places where the needs are the greatest. The system of For One Life functions through well-wishers and donors who provide financial support to the organisation to carry out its various projects. For One Life owns and runs the Life Café in Churachandpur.

Thursday Live Music Night.

Life Café’s main objective is to initiate an environment of blessing, leisure, employment opportunity and for exhibiting talents for the local youths. There is a Live Music Night every Thursday from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM in the café, providing a platform for young singers and musicians to expose their talents. Famous local singers and bands like Vincent Hekte Hmar, Justin Tusing, Emma Pachau, Joshua Buhril, Joseph Pakhuongte, Priscilla Roulngul, Sinlung Express, Beauty and the Beast, Albert and Band and Platinum Stars have had the privilege to perform and showcase their talents in Life Café so far.

Talent display.

On Sundays, a non-denominational English Worship service takes place at 2:00 PM. Apart from administering praise and worship services, it also initiate fellowships in a positive Christian environment, creating a perfect aura of fun and jubilation. The local youths are now happier than never before. They are blessed in many ways through Life Café.

Sunday English worship service.

Having fun after the service.

Currently, Life Café has more than ten employees functioning and maintaining the life lines of the café. Its purpose, to provide employment opportunity to the local youths, is fully realised through them. The menu is comprised of fusion cuisine and bakery items which is revised every now and then. The menu includes Pizza, Stromboli, Noodles, soups, Sandwiches, Desserts, Hot and Cold Beverages and Bakery Goodies. The local youths make the most of this café throughout the week by making it their ideal hangout spot.

Life Café Team in one of their catering duties.

Life Café Pizza in the making.

Michael Esh, Director, For One Life, USA is the mastermind behind the existence of Life Café in Churachandpur. The role which is being played by Life Café in nurturing a positive lifestyle for the youths in Churachandpur is highly admired and appreciated. Its future goal is to sustain the running of the café and to introduce innovative ideas to fully realise its dreams and objectives. 

Happy time- Life Café Team.

For more updates and news on Life Café, follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lifecaferengkai/

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