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This December 8, be the lucky one to learn from the legend Vinnie Moore!!! Hurry, Limited registrations!

We had earlier informed that Vinnie Moore and Smokie will be performing in the Hornbill Festival 2014! And now the latest great news is that Vinnie Moore will be conducting 2 hours master class on December 8 in Dimapaur!!!! Moreover every participant will be given a certificate of acknowledgement signed by Vinnie Moore.

Vinnie Moore to conduct a master class in Dimapur

Internationally renowned electric guitarist Vinnie Moore will conduct a one day master class on December 8 at IMC hall Dimapur Nagaland.

The event is organized by the Hillspraise Music Academy and Zip Sound.

The interactive session of two hours from 3 pm onwards will provide musicians a once in a life time opportunity to experience Vinnie Moore’s amazing talent as he demonstrates and discusses guitar techniques, music theories, music production and methods on how to discover and unlock an individual’s music identity.

Every participants will be given a certificate of acknowledge signed by Vinnie Moore.

Limited registration cards are available in Dimapur at Hillspraise Music Academy (9612170131), Furtados (03862232447), Encore (9436431564), Crescendo (9436012590). Mokokchung at M/S Footwear near Supong shopping mall (9436006326).

Source: Eastern Mirror

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