The Armor-less Soldier – If You Can Read This And Not Feel Touched, Then You Are Stronger Than I Am

Being married and leaving your childhood home to start a family in another house and accept it as your home, is a challenging task every girl has to do at some point in her life. Married life is never easy. You can read umpteen number of article on ‘how to be a good wife’ or ‘how to be a better daughter-in-law’, but no article or no school can teach you how to get it right.

This is a challenging journey that a woman must embark on. I say that, married.

Things, however, are trickier when your husband is an entrepreneur like in my case. He is always busy. Nonetheless, I feel lucky. Why? Because I’m glad that at least he is busy, but around. Things are much worse when you don’t know the whereabouts of your husband, or whether or not he would return – I’m talking about army wives. Worse is not the word, it is agony.

Before, we go on to read a short tale of one such army wife, here’s a little photo story for you first.

the armor-less soldier 1

the armor-less soldier 2

the armor-less soldier 3

the armor-less soldier 4

the armor-less soldier 5

the armor-less soldier 6

the armor-less soldier 7

the armor-less soldier 8

the armor-less soldier 9

the armor-less soldier 10

the armor-less soldier 10 (1)

The author of this poem was an American women, whose husband was drafted into the army and went to the battlefield of Vietnam when their daughter was four years old. From that point on, she and her daughter only had each other.

Later her husband died on the battlefield. She was widowed until she died of old age.

When her daughter was organizing her remains, she discovered this poem her mother had written to her father back then, titled “But You Didn’t”.

I wrote a similar story in my short story series, Coffee TalesThe Armor-less Soldier. If you found this interesting, you’ll love that story too.

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