A student in Meghalaya applied for a domicile certificate. And this is what he gets!!!

 This domicile is a one of a kind! It reads,

“What I have to make a push, at its threadbare called into being that Shri/Smt/Miss _____ is a son/daughter of Shri/Smt _____ and he/she is a permanent residence in the small world of village called Baksalpara, which has been created under the district of North Garo Hills, Meghalaya. When she/he got to be born is ________ according to the birth certificate.  What i have to know about him/her is that he/she put a good shine on at its xanthic flower life for others.

What i add few words mean that he may be truth oriented citizen of India.

What I wish him meant best accomplishment in the future,

funny certificate


Way to go dude!!!

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