8 year old Lanlan Huileng’s voice is so Amazing and Angelic, it will melt your heart!

Listen to Baby Lanlan’s Angelic Voice!

Lanlan Huileng (Aruihon wui Vareshi) Tangkhul Gospel Video

Though the song is in Tangkhul dialect, you will just love her amazing voice!!! It’s sounds Angelic!

Baby Lanlan, an 8 year old Tangkhul girl who will be releasing her debut music album in November, has released a music video of her singing a popular Tangkhul Gospel song  in aid of the NEW CHURCH BUILDING PROJECT.

About the video:

Videography-Riyo Varam
Music and editing-Pamshim Rungsung
Recording-DIGI Sonic, Ukhrul.
Processed at Perennial Studio, Ukhrul.


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