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5 funny facts about Nagaland one should know


1. 80% of Nagas are agriculturists. And none of them like vegetables. Just ask West Bengal Pigs Suppliers Ltd!!!


2. Nagaland is a ‘dry state’ (a state where alcohol is prohibited)? Only beer, IMFL, rum and whisky are permitted.


3. In Dimapur and Kohima, Adidas and Reebok from the Myanmar border villages are pricier than the genuine stuff.


4. In Nagaland, vehicles don’t cause traffic jams. It’s those pesky empty little spaces on the roads that cause them.


5. Nagas are very, very hygienic and so keep our houses very clean. We throw it into our neighbor’s backyard (or on the roadside).


We have just picked five of the many points given by the writer. This article is an excerpt from the column which was originally published in The Morung Express, during December 2010 by Al Ngullie.

Courtesy: Naga Spears facebook page

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The last two points are completely ridiculous…..Nagaland is much cleaner and green than any of you can ever imagine……yah, there are few places, where you can identify such spots, but that doesn’t mean that the traffic is caused by patchy roads( its much better than the roads of (McLeod Ganj) or the people through the garbage at others place….Please develop some senses before writing such thing……Nagaland or the north-east is not something to be laugh at……


@Abantika You seem to be totally clueless that this article is for laughs only. It’s called satire. Get some humor or leave the internet


I don’t know man, I’ve been the Dimapur and Kohima and it wasn’t cleaner than the average Indian town/city.

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