2013 records 15 suicides every hour in India. Here’s the shocking statistics of suicides in India

Here is the statistics of suicides in India during the year 2013. The information is collected from National Crime Records Bureau.

In India in the year 2013, a total of 1,34,799 lost their lives by committing suicide.

That is 369 suicides per day, 15 suicides every one hour.


246 suicides by male per day, 121 suicides by female per day out of which 62 were housewives

69.4% of the suicides victims were married

Students constitute 6.2% of all the total suicide victims


 Social and Economic causes have led most of the males to commit suicide Whereas emotional and personal causes have mainly driven females to end their

Family problemsn24%, illness 19.6% accounted for 443.6% of total suicides in the country during the year 2013

Poducherry and Sikkim have reported 35.6 and 29.3 suicide deaths per population respectively as against the national average of 11.0

Source: NCRB

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