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19-year-old ex-satanist girl found tied up half naked under the church’s altar in Mizoram

AIZAWL: Some members of a Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem locality in Aizawl who went to the church to perform assignments were shocked to find a 19-year-old girl tied up half naked under the church’s altar.

Maria, a native of Tlungvel village who temporarily resides at Bethlehem locality, was found huddled under the altar with her legs tied with her pyjamas and her hands with her shirt. No injuries were found on her body and there was no sign of rape.

She was found by members of the church’s Pavalai (middle-aged men) wing who went up to the pulpit to hang a banner for an upcoming assembly of Pavalai. Earlier in the morning, some members had also entered to offer morning prayers, but they did not find her as none of them went up to the platform.

The church members immediately informed the police. A team from Aizawl police station, personnel from the women’s cell rushed to the scene and conducted preliminary investigations. The girl was also taken to police station for questioning.

The victim told police that two strangers, a man and a woman, suddenly appeared from nowhere and tied her up when she went to the church to offer prayer a few minutes past three in the morning.

It came to light that the victim is a former Satanist who was recently reformed and dedicated most of her time to preach the Gospel of Jesus among social misfits like drug addicts and Satanists.

It was believed that her former partners in Satanism did this to her as a warning against her decision to quit the cult.

On hearing the news, many members of the church went to the church and offered prayers to cleanse the holy place from evil spirits.

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