These 12 Pranks Are Equally Awesome And Awful!!!

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There’s nothing quite like a good prank. Sadly, that’s something these folks had to learn the hard way. Finding a way to bring joy to people’s lives is a great goal to have, even if it’s at someone else’s expense (even a little bit).

Maybe you can take some inspiration from their hilarious misfortune, especially #11. After all, Halloween is right around the corner.

That will certainly wake you up.

scary prank


 We come in peace.”

alien prank

Now this prank will mess with your head.

funny prank


All he wanted was lunch.

lunch prank

And that’s the end of that friendship.

jump prank


Nothing like a little hospital visit to spice up a family get together, right?

mattress prank


When you’re sleeping on the job, hilarious things happen to you

office prank


Never let yourself be distracted, that’s how they get you.

frens prank

Now that’s surprising.

chat prank

In an elevator, there is no escape

elevator prank

Sleeping in class only leads to bad things.

classroom prank

Good thing that guy just went to the bathroom, or he probably would have wet his pants.

toilet prank

I think this guy deserved it.


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