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12 feet python found dead in East Sikkim. And this is what the locals did!

In a stunning and bizarre incident that has surfaced in video (Exclusive of VOS) related to the 24 August Dead Python which was found at Bardang in East Sikkim. 
The locals informed the Wild Life Department about the sighting and the corpse was taken by the authority.  The dead python which was handed over to a Forest Officer Mr. OM Bdr Gurung in presence of Public on same day. Its come to the knowledge that said dead python belonged to schedule species of protected Wildlife under Wild Life Act 1972.
Now, its revealed that the skin of python was peeled in jungle without official post-mortem being carried out to find out the cause of Python’s Death.
The exclusive footage of skinning python is being questioned by several readers when it was published in social media page of VoiceofSikkim.
The question is :
Who gave the Order to Peel the Skin of Python in Jungle ? or The Skin was peeled for sale in Grey Market ,where the demand of Pythons Skin is Rs 5 to 10 lakh ???