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10 legal rights every woman in India must know

In India, woman’s safety is a great concern. Everyday there are news of rape, molestation or assaults on woman. They are molested and assaulted by the common man, the law makers (lawyers) and the law keepers (police).

The mindset of the Indian men has to be changed, only than women will be able to walk free.

Here are 10 legal rights every woman must know and exercise in times of need.


1.       You are entitled to free legal aid.

2.       Police cannot refuse to accept your FIR.

3.       No arrest after sunset.

4.       You can’t be called to the police station at night.

5.       You are entitled to protection by your employer.

6.       You have the right to privacy while recording statement.

7.       Your identity cannot be revealed without your permission.

8.       You can file your FIR through email.

9.       There is no any time limit for filing an FIR.

10.   A doctor cannot decide whether you are sexually assaulted or not with a verbal statement. A full written statement is always required.

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