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10 innovative Bus stops that will surely make you wanna wait longer. No 10 is just awesome!

Whether you are going to college or to work, waiting for bus is not fun. Worse still, if you have to wait for the bus standing. No one wants to wait for the bus, but these innovative bus stops will change your mind. Here are 10 best bus stops that will make you want to wait for the bus longer!!!

 1. The Cute one by the country side!



2. I nearly got eaten by the shark at the bus stop!!!



3. Bus stop for the couples?



4. Enjoy the swing! Lets catch the next bus!



5.  And the elderly people loves it too!!!



6. A perfect way to wait for the bus on a hot summer day!



7.  Lets make a burger, shall we!



8. The strawberry bus stop!



9. Bookaholics will definitely love this! But hey someone may make bonfire out of the books on a chilly winter morning!



10. And if you sleep away and miss the bus, you know whom to blame!


*Courtesy: Weird World Facebook page



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