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10 Most Awesome Smartphones You'll Probably Never Buy. Here's why!

Here are the list of 10 most awesome smartphones you’ll probably never buy in your lifetime, just for the sole reason, it’s freaking Expensive.

1. If there ever was a star-studded product, it probably would be the Stuart Hughes iPhone 5 Black Diamond. Thanks to real diamonds and ample Photoshopping, the phone looks like a school student’s astronomy project. Priced at £10,000,000 (roughly Rs. 1,00,00,00,000), we’re not quite sure if anyone who plans to use the phone would buy it. Constantly looking at the phone will prove to be a tough task, thanks to several shiny diamonds.



2. The “most expensive HTC phone ever created” – HTC One (M7) Gold Edition. We’re not surprised to know that only five of these made-in-gold phones were created – each valued at £2,750 (roughly Rs 2,75,000) each.



3. Italian car maker Lamborghini’s owners also dabble in luxury goods, such as the phone in the image above. Priced at £2,500 (roughly Rs. 2,50,000) each, this phone is probably the best looking among the ones listed thus far.





4. When it was launched in 2011, Tag Heuer Link was actually a pretty good Android smartphone. Its sealed body is water-tight and shock-resistant. If you like rugged smartphones, you might even have considered shelling out $6,700 (around Rs. 4,20,000) to buy one.





4. So why does Dior’s Reverie phone cost £78,000 (roughly Rs. 78,00,000)? Apparently because each unit is hand-assembled in France, “intricately embellished in 18-carat white gold, 1,539 diamonds and 46 pieces of iridescent mother-of-pearl”




6. If this phone is anything to go by, we’re happy that Porsche doesn’t make phones. The iconic luxury car maker’s touch hasn’t added to this phone’s looks at all. In fact, the P9981 looks like a phone that got the worst of both worlds – the bulk (and price) of a car and software from a bygone era. To top it all, BlackBerry’s product listing refers to the BB7 OS on this phone as the “next-generation BlackBerry OS”. We’re still wondering if anyone really believes that to be true. The price? Rs. 1,39,990.




7. Luxury handset maker Vertu’s Constellation smartphone costs €4,900 (roughly Rs. 4,16,000). features a 4.3-inch HD display with 342ppi pixel density which is protected by a 5.1-inch piece of sapphire crystal which the company claims can only be scratched by a diamond.


8. Phones with the old numeric keypad went out of fashion a long time ago. Yet Ulysse Nardin has managed to make a good-looking retro phone with one. The Chairman is not unique for its keypad, but for its passive recharging system. The phone has a kinetic rotor system that can recharge the phone’s battery (similar to the technology used in some watches). For that cool technology and lots of diamonds of course, you might have to shell out anywhere between $12,800 and $49,500 (approximately Rs. 7,20,000 to Rs. 29,00,000).




9. Savelli’s Jardin-Secret series consists of 11 luxury phones, all of which have been hand-crafted and run Android. With each of these phones, Savelli says users get an exclusive UI design and sounds created by professional photographers and DJs. White Ice is a variant targeted at women, and comes with 18-carat rose gold and white alligator skin. While animal lovers may frown at this phone, those who want to buy phones from this series will have to shell out $10,000 to $1,20,000 (around Rs. 6,00,000 to Rs. 72,00,000).



10. As far as luxury phones go, Mobiado Pioneer probably has the coolest reason for its astronomical cost (€8,600, which is roughly Rs. 7,00,000). The company says the phone is a tribute to the Pioneer 10 satellite probe – the first man-made object to go past the asteroid belt beyond the planet Mars. In a fitting tribute, this phone has a back cover that’s made of an actual meteorite. Our palms are itching for first impressions