It happens only in China. And it's too hilarious!

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When it comes to English error, Indians are just behind Chinese! And when it comes to copying and duplicating things, chinese are next to none! Here are our picks for the funniest sign boards in China!

1. This is how to screw up both the Americans and the Koreans in one go!



2. And in China, android is screwing up apple!!!



3.  Americans have KFC, China have OFC…..



4. We never knew that!!!!


5. Do elephants really do that??? Haha


6. So apparently Chinese sits on crocodiles!!!



7. FEMAN = (Female+Woman)! This should be included in the dictionary!!!



8. These signs are way too hilarious!



9. Vomiting pool! Seriously!!!



10. Move over Starbucks!! Head over to Star Fucks…coffe!!!



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