The sudden demise of Lamtsala H Sangtam, the Power Vocalist from Purple Fusion, comes as a shock to her fans and to her people; A loss not just to her family but also to the music industry of North-east India and to the Nagas.

Finally giving in to her prolonged illness, the singer had been battling cancer for years now where her unfaltering faith and strength had inspired her fans and people around her. She leaves us with a positive outlook on life as she updated on her social media account from her sick bed, for one last time-

The artist has inspired and motivated youngsters to dig deep into their culture and to give the world something new and refreshing. Never backing down, here is one of her spine-chilling positive update-

At the age of 31, Lamtsala H Sangtam has a lot of accomplishments on her plate. She is also a Governor Award holder, conferred to her on January 26, 2015. She is believed to be the only female singer from the region who has made it to the big channels like MTV / VH1/ Mtunes etc. As a mentor and the co-owner of Purple Artist production house, she has mentored a lot of young upcoming artist – who even made to top and won titles.

The band had also traveled to China in early March this year where she gave a stunning performance.

Many artist from the region have expressed their condolences, a regret for the loss of a great human being and not just a great musician. Among the first to express their condolences was Alobo Naga-

Other bands and artist also sent in their condolences. One from Red Light Passengers-

The renowned folk guru Reuben Mashangva, also paid his condolence.

As more condolence messages pours in from fans and family, the Morung team also pays our deepest condolences to the loss. May the family and her band members find the strength to move on. May Lamtsala H Sangtam’s fight against cancer never cease to inspire generations to come.

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