shristi pariyar

Oh yes. You are awed. You think a bike stunt girl, as young as 21, is not possible! I was intrigued the first time I heard about her too! 

Without further ado, meet the DareDevil Shristi Pariyar, a 21 yr old girl from Siliguri, the most promising bike stunts-girl!

Shristi Pariyar is from Champasari, Siliguri. Her mother is from Gangtok and that is where she toils away her holiday too. 

Her fascination for bikes started since she was just 7!

Here is what’s more cool! When she turned 14, her father bought her a bike, and thus began her legacy. She started riding with a Yamaha RXZ.

Female Biker stunt
Young Shristi Pariyar Gearing It Up!

To many of us Shristi will still be a new name. Not just us, the nation is yet to know her too.

Well, she has been making some sensations back in the North-east as well our neighboring Himalayan kingdom. And it’s just a matter of time the national media will pick her up (with the help of our powerful social sharing yes). 

She has performed stunt shows at several places including Guwahati and Bhutan. And in each of the stunt show, she never failed to deliver her best with her outstanding bike stunts.

As a young girl fascinated by stunts, Shristi is still learning and training herself with new stunts. Shristi Pariyar

If you would like to know, her bike selection for performing stunts is Pulsar 180 cc.

I was shocked to learn this that she is a one-man-army! Yes, she has no team and learns all by herself. She prepares herself every day to acclaim more and more challenges.

Shristi Pariyar

I will bring you more about her the moment I get a whiff of news about her! Till then, let us wish her the best of luck. We want to see this young daredevil rule the stunts world! 

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