Faith in Action in Korea
Faith in Action in Korea

Faith in Action won the world champions in the Team Aerobic Competition at the World Taekwon-do Hanmadang 2014 from August 21-24 at Pohang City, South Korea. 

The 20-member squad of team Faith In Action was among the 38 participants who represented India under the banner of Taekwondo Board of India. Altogether around 4000 participants from 147 countries took part in the competition.

Faith In Action was the only squad that won medals for India– 1 gold in team event (Team Aerobic Competition), 1 individual gold (Long Kick), 1 silver medal (Long Kick) and 10 bronze medals.

Watch the Video of How Faith in Action perform at the event to win the Title! The way they incorporate Naga folk dance in the aerobic martial art is just Awesome!

And yeah don’t miss out their Naga costume!

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